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Wattle Seed - Various Acacia Species

High protein, nutritious seeds were ground and used as a flour by many Aboriginal Tribes. Today they are used in ice cream, biscuits and damper.  Green Farmhouse blends certain wattle seeds to produce a uniquely flavoured seasoning.


Native Pepper - Tasmania Lanceolata

Surprising heat and intense pepper flavour is generated by the leaves and berries of this attractive tree.  It  grows naturally in the cool rain forests of Tasmania and was noted by early historians as a potential spice  source.





Kurrajong Seed - Brachychiton Populneus

This shady inland tree has boat-like seed pods containing sulphur yellow seeds very high in protein. After husking and roasting the seeds have a pleasant nutty taste.



Muntries, Muntharis, Muntaberry - Kunzea Pomifera

The fruits of this prostrate plant are 5-10mm in diameter with the appearance of a tiny apple. The flavour of the fruit is apple.




Saltbush Flakes - Atriplex nummularia

Saltbush plants grow in the dry inland of Australia and special varieties have been chosen for their flavour.



Lemon Myrtle - Backhousia Citriodora

The Lemon Myrtle is a warm rain forest tree with highly aromatic leaves, imparting a strong lemon accent.




Dried Lemon Grass - Cymbopogon Citratus

This flavouring usually grows in tropical Asia, but is now cultivated in Australia to supply the fresh market. It has a citrus flavour with peppery overtones and is used with seafood and poultry.



Seaweed - Macrocystis Pyrifera and M. Augustifolia

This seaweed is actually called giant kelp and grows near the inshore reefs around Victoria, Tasmania and the south east of South Australia. They are among the fastest growing plants on earth.